Currently open. Status may change depending on MIT covid restrictions this year
Tl;dr I'm turning my MIT dorm room into a free hotel service, available to anyone who is fully vaccinated! Reserve dates by filling out this form, and feel free to recommend to your friends! As of May 2022, 15 guests have stayed over with an average rating of 4.8 stars.
Some guidelines:
  • I have a single, so you won't have to worry about any roommates. However, restrooms and other utilities are shared, so please be generally mindful of other students living in nearby rooms.
  • If you're not an MIT student, you won't be able to get into dorm buildings by yourself, so you'll probably have to do advance planning of when to enter or leave and let me know ahead of time.
  • You'll have to follow whatever covid policies MIT happens to have at the time of visit
  • Don't do stupid things like trash the room, invite other people without asking, etc.
  • When I say this is "available to anyone", I really mean it - you could be a fellow student living next door, someone traveling to Boston from out-of-town, or anyone in between. I'm hoping to use this as an opportunity both to reconnect with old friends from all over, and to meet entirely new people. If we don't already know each other, we'll have a brief call first to make sure a) you feel comfortable staying in my room and b) I'm okay with leaving you in my room unsupervised.