Massachusetts Institute of Technology

August 2019 -

  • Pursuing B.S. in Math, Minors in CS and Biology
  • Selected coursework († graduate-level):
    • Math: Functional Analysis (18.102), Combinatorics† (18.218), Probability† (18.675)
    • CS: Embedded Systems (6.08), Machine Learning (6.036), Algorithms II (6.046), Computation Structures (6.004), Robotic Manipulation† (6.843), Parallel Computing† (6.338)
    • Bio: Genetics (7.03), Biochemistry (7.05), Systems Biology (7.32), Organic Chemistry (5.12), Infectious Disease (7.26)

Work Experience

Software Engineer Intern and Social Media Manager at Exafunction

Summer 2022

  • Worked on improving the efficiency of ML inference workloads. Interfaced with C++ bindings for popular ML frameworks, implemented compiler optimizations and language features, and developed infrastructure for model quantization. Also managed the company Twitter account

Zero Knowledge Researcher at 0xPARC

Spring 2022

  • Implemented and optimized the first ever implementation of the optimal Ate pairing within a zk-SNARK, and then wrote servers to verify proofs of BLS signature validity

MIT Web.Lab Instructor

Winter 2021

  • Taught a web development class to ~300 MIT students. Prepared lectures, advised projects, debugged code. MongoDB + Express + React + NodeJS Stack.

Quantitative Research Intern at Two Sigma

Summer 2021

  • Modeled market returns as part of the News team

Machine Learning Intern at Asimov

Spring 2021

  • Used convolutional neural networks and transformers to solve problems in generative DNA sequence design and to better understand the role of UTRs and synonymous codons in mammalian genomes

Data Scientist Contractor at Ambience Healthcare

Winter 2020

  • Applied NLP techniques to extract and summarize information from doctor-patient meeting notes for usage in telemedicine

Software Engineering Intern at Amazon Web Services

Summer 2020

  • Developed features related to test execution and reporting of test results for AWS Codebuild, a continuous integration service

Researcher at MIT UROP Program

Spring 2020

  • Improved results related to convex optimization over polytopes. Studied properties of graphs and proved new bounds on the size of the spanning tree polytope for chordal graphs

Instructor at AlphaStar Academy

Summer 2018

  • Taught math classes, prepared handouts, and wrote curriculum for gifted high school students preparing for national math competitions

Researcher at PRIMES-USA

Spring 2018 - Summer 2019

  • Predicted the movements of refugees across a region during refugee crises. Devised new models that work as accurately as existing models and more efficiently. Recognized as a Regeneron STS Finalist, 9th Overall. Published in the IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics, Volume 85, Issue 6, December 2020

Selected Awards

  • International Math Olympiad (2017-2019): Represented the USA, individually ranked 103rd (Silver), 10th (Gold), 11th (Gold)
  • Regeneron Science Talent Search (2019): Finalist, 9th overall
  • USA Math Olympiad (2018-2019): Winner, ranked 2nd twice
  • USA Computing Olympiad (2016-2019): Platinum Division, top 200 overall
  • Alibaba Global Math Contest (2020, 2022): Honorable Mention, top 60 overall